02 April 2010

Good Friday

Why is it called Good Friday?

Well the simple answer to that is that many Christians would call it Holy Friday or Great Friday, when they celebrate the (is that truly the right word to use?) crucifixion of Christ. All now is quiet and solumn until Easter Sunday and the resurrection.

Ireland a predominantly Catholic country, prohibits all alcohol from being sold on Good Friday. Banks and public institutions are closed on this day but it is not an official public holiday, so many offices and other workplaces remain open. All pubs and many restaurants in Ireland close for the day – it is similar to Christmas Day in this regard. This tradition has come under criticism of late, with secular businesses claiming a loss in earnings by way of a religious festival.

Britain, has a public holiday, but everthing remains open for business, or rather the main supermarkets, DIY stores etc obviously it couldn't simply shut up shop, so to speak, for the fear of offending the masses. As for banning the sale of alchohol on this day, well it wouldn't happen though it would be interesting as a social experiment.

I am enjoying a day off, catching up with paperwork, tidying up and sorting things out. For once it isn't raining, and the sun is shining in though rain doesn't look too far away :-(

Have a happy Easter everyone, don't overdose on the chocolate eggs on Sunday


Alexis said...

Thank You Sage, you have a Happy Easter yourself! Enjoy the sun!

A. said...

Well, for all that Britain has a public holiday while some places remain open, I was working in the charity shop. By midday we'd taken all of £1.98 so it seems people really just don't know one way or the other. One man said that we were one of the few places open but was it really worth it? I would rather have been at home.

Have a great weekend!

Eliza said...

Happy Easter to you too :-)

Daniel Phillips said...

Happy Easter! I like your blog and I am now following you.

I wish you could follow me back.
Thanks a million, Dan.


speedcat said...

I was pondering this myself just the other day....Than you for your insight....

Anonymous said...
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