26 April 2010

Spam Losers

Sorry Guys, I seem to have been hit by a spam bot putting in comments so I have had to turn comment moderation on, not my choice but I refuse to give them free reign and not only that but I have no idea what they are linking to so they have to be shut out.

Hopefully it won't stop the real people from commenting.


dickiebo said...

He/She certainly seems to have gone to town!!!

Relax Max said...

Not it won't stop the real people. Even me. I am almost real. :)

Rach said...

Lol, am I real??? They have got quite a few of you recently and I have follow up comments on so get all your spam also.

Hope you are well and happy?? xx

Kath said...

I ususally subscribe to follow on comments, so After I got about 20 of them (I ran the translate facility over it and it was an advert for sex videos.
I think that's why they do it, because that way they get to spread their rubbish to the folks who subscribe.
I notice they also changed their "Blogger" name since last time. Just ignore them, my lovely and they'll give up.

Sage said...

I am not planning on having the moderation on for long, just long enough to deter the 'bots from spamming the blog with sexads.