26 April 2010

Update on the move - The marathon week that was

Well, we have the house contents down in Cornwall in storage as the dates we could move the stuff didn't combine well with the completion date which is next week.

It has been a long week, and both of us are still very tired. We managed to get it all into a 7.5 tonne truck and an estate car - both of which were probably well over the legal loading limit but it couldnt be helped.

The last day, which was Friday was the longest day. We were up at 6am, we had finished packing the lorry Thursday night, so all we had to do was pack the car, tidy and hoover the house and leave the keys for the Estate Agents. Finally we were ready just after 10am and set off back home to Cornwall.

We met up at Bridgewater Services for lunch, where we met a host of St George's meandering across the car park; it was nice to see support for celebrating the day improving. SOH set off with the lorry before me as I wanted a few more minutes to take a last minute comfort break as I didn't plan on stopping again until I reached our destination which was a self-storage container.

I overtook the lorry on the M5, and headed off down the A30 and arrived at the container about 30 mins ahead of him and this was where I had my major disaster. After ringing the owner, who had just left, I got out of the car to stretch my legs and get a bit of fresh air when the wind slammed the door shut and the central locking kicked in... damn, damn and thrice damn I thought.

I then had to wait for SOH to arrive as my phone was in the car so couldn't even call the AA out, SOH was less than impressed with me, but like I said he couldn't say anything worse to me than I had already said to myself.

We started the long job of unloading the lorry contents into the container at 5ish and the AA turned up at 5.45pm, minutes later I had access to the car, and now know how to do it for myself - thanks Russ.

We finally finished the unloading at 9.30pm, exhausted and hungry we picked up a chinese takeaway which was probably very nice but I was too tired to taste it. Then finally bed.

No lie in though, as the lorry was due back early in the morning and my car was due for it's MOT at 10am so my ever unwilling bruised body was heaved out of bed and into town for the necessary tasks. I had a nap in the afternoon, much needed and yesterday I was much less tired.

It was a challenge we both took up as it was half the price of a moving firm, but the drawback of being so tired was not something we had accounted for and hopefully we won't be doing it again in the future.

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Kath said...

Poor you, I remember our last house move only too well.You must be very relieved to have it all in storage, ready to go into your new home. Make sure you have a big band of helpers with the next bit XX