28 April 2010

Today is ?

Apparently World Safety and Health Day

Well who would have known it? I certainly didn't but then again we have random days for just about anything these days. Including Don't Take the Car to Work Days, sorry Cycle to Work days.

So coming up in the next month ahead is :

Local History and Community Month
May Day
1-9th May Windsurfing Week
4th May International Firefighters Day
4th May World Asthma Day
3rd- 9th May Lavender Week
9th May Europe Day
8th-15th Doughnut Week
8th May World Fair Trade Day
16th-23rd British Sandwich Week
19th-30th Be Nice to Nettles Week
29th May Oak Apple Day
31st May World No Tobacco Day

For those of you interested, Oak Apple Day was a holiday celebrated in England on 29 May to commemorate the restoration of the monarchy in Britain and Ireland in May 1660. In some parts of the country, the day was also known as Shick-Shack Day or Arbour Day.


dickiebo said...

Very interesting. Perhaps you should have, in your sidebar, a calendar of all events. People would flock here every day, so as to ensure that they were not about to miss something good!

Kathy G said...

I think my favorite is Doughnut Week. DEFINITELY will have to celebrate that one.