16 March 2010

Deep in Thought

As I look back on the day, what were the most significant events?

It was finding that essential bit of paper that I needed to find.

In what ways was this day unique, different from other days?

I think the light at the end of the tunnel is not more work, but instead offers hope

Did I have any particularly meaningful conversations?

Yes one about work and the future, and the other about the future and togetherness

Did I do any reading?

Only a limited amount, but I hope to extend that

What were my reactions to it?

It is mainly for interest and to keep up my knowledge in that subject (e-learning)

How did I feel during the day?

Tired, but only because it seemed like a very long day before home-time

What were the emotional highs and lows?

The possibility of being able to do a course which would qualify me as a teacher, and to be provided with the opportunity of teaching work.

The end of a long day, and feeling sometimes a little like an outsider in a close family.

Why did I feel as I did?

Sometimes it is my pigheadedness, about not wanting to cause an argument, so I bite my tongue.. still it is not going to be forever and today is another day.

Did I find myself worrying about anything today?

Yes, until I found that bit of paper that told me all the drains and plumbing at the house of the Back of Beyond is covered by insurance I was concerned as I need to get someone to look at why the drain in the back is full.

What were the chief joys of the day?

Sending out a whole batch of certificates to candidates who will be overjoyed to receive them.

What did I accomplish?

Quite a lot, see above.

Did I fail at anything?

Yes, communications

What did I learn today?

I can do things when I set my mind and my heart to do them, but a little support goes to make it a lot easier.

When did I feel most alive?

When I was feeding the pigs, I have an affinity for them especially the brood sow, and I will miss them when we finally have our own place.

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