09 March 2010

Something funny is going on

I noticed about 3 weeks ago, the number of visitors increased from an average of 20-30 per day to somewhere close to 100 per day.

I have no idea of why, but to those people dropping by for the very first time, welcome and enjoy what you find. To all of those who come back time and time again, thank you very much especially when you leave me such nice comments.

The weekend saw me take a trip up country to the Back of Beyond, time for more packing and decisions on what to keep. I hope soon to be able to give you news of a more permanent move but at the moment it is all still very tentative.

Travelling back yesterday, though cold was welcome because it was dry, blue skies and sunshine wall to wall. To celebrate our return to the Edge of the World, involved the local chinese takeaway who do a stunning sweet and sour hong kong style with all different meats.. it is lovely and fast becoming a favourite of mine.


Kath said...

Yes, it's odd when your visitor numbers leap. I posted a photo of my son's naked torso, to show off his dragon tattoo. On that day I had 150 visitors and that was my most "successful" post ;)

~An9eL~ said...

well congrats :)

Jo Anne said...

Welcome back after you trip away - it all sounds very promising - I'm keeping my fingers crossed x

If you had the Chinese take-away from the place I think you did - It is rather awsome isn't it LOL