15 January 2010

The view from my window is lovely

I can see the football fields of a nearby school, and being based on the first floor means lots of stair climbing all day... great for toning legs, bums and thighs.. see positive things here in Cornwall. The workplace even have reserved parking for motorcycles, so come the next few months, Max and I will be winding our way to work where he is registered already. Just need to think about where I can put all my bike gear at work.

Chest is distinctly not improving but will give it another day, in case the steroids kick in; one effec they do have is to make me less tired at night, so I even managed to watch some tv last night without wanting to fall asleep through lack of oxygen.

The weekend coming is my first real weekend as a working girl in Cornwall (last weekend didn't count as I only managed 2 out of 5 days at work), so what to do and where to go.. I feel the need to visit Portreath and sit and watch the surf.. so if Cornish Beach Brummie and Cornwall by the Sea are still visiting this blog perhaps we can meet up one morning/afternoon for a coffee and a chat.


Asclepius said...

Hey, Sounds like you're having fun. How is the weather there? Hampshire is very slushy at the moment and if the weather is to be believed cornwall must be about a thousand feet under snow.

I have yet to catch all the way up on your posts but I'm assuming you have a chest infection and have been prescribed steriods. The idea of steriod treatment is symptom control it wont cure the infection but it should make things a little easier for you, if you arent feeling much better for them (and assuming you are on anti-biotics too) go back to your doctor.

How is the new job?

Kath said...

Sorry you are not improving, don't overdo those stairs!

Joanne said...

Hiya - Thats sounds like a wonderful plan chick, but unfortuantely after an emergency op last weekend at Treliske, and only coming home on Tuesday avo, I am housebound for the next 2 or 3 weeks minimum so will have to take a raincheck - so sorry! - My first chance to meet my bloggy friend and I have to cry off! As soon as I am able I would love to meet on the beach, flask of hot choccy at the ready ( the wetsuit can wait for the spring I feel LOL) x

sally-ann said...

Sounds like a plan! Let me know when you want to visit Portreath and where you want to meet for coffee. Tesco calls first thing but then the rest of the day is free ditto Sunday. Seem to remember seeing something about rugby matches on Sunday on the TV so guess it's more likely to be Saturday!

Relax Max said...

This American doesn't associate stairs to the first floor. I'm guessing your first floor is our second floor. I hope it isn't our third floor. :)

And I hope you are breathing easier.