14 January 2010

Betcha thought I had gone awol lol

Actually I had, gone awol, for a little while. Lack of access at the office, means limited to evenings on the 'puter and that is dependant on my access to the internet as well as trying not to cough over everything and anything in my path.

After enjoying a few milder days, my asthma decided to turn nasty, so much so that a trip to the doctors last night saw me exit with some steroids to see whether it will settle down as they couldn't make up their mind whether or not there is a chest infection.

This morning saw me take the first of the little red pills, all six of them in one go, and washed down with some water and filled up with toast before slipping up the hill merrily to go on the way to Truro. This morning was the first morning I wasn't in early due to the fact that the A30 had a number of accidents with people not driving appropriate to the icy conditions, though to be fair it was mild apparently until about 6am when it dropped 7 degrees to minus 3 (SOH had to tell me this as I was still in duvet time).

Still I sat in a queue of traffic from Redruth to Truro, but this workplace accepts that sometimes people are unavoidably detained en-route to work and there were no complaints - or none in my earshot.

Enough of this now, lets get back to normal and blue skies and sunshine... all comments will be forwarded to the asylum where I will be based in the very near future.


Kath said...

I agree, enough disruption for one small Island!
Hope you're feeling better now :)

soubriquet said...

As a lifetime asthmatic, I know where you're coming from. All hail the handful of little-red-pills!