19 January 2010

Down the rain came

Hang on to your boots, its another weather related post.... last night the rain started just as I got home from work and didn't leave off until just before I left for work this morning. The caravan is quite dry, warm and toasty but the ground is soggy, saturated and even the cats are complaining at getting mud on their paws.

Though on a side note, I was watching them play on the ice when it was cold, frosty and snowy and when one of them slipped up on the ice landing on their bum , Saffy (the cat in question) stalked away in a right mood and obviously hadn't found it a fun toy as he had first thought.

Luckily for us, the problem weather is further up country, from Somerset to Oxfordshire and up into North Wales it was predicted to be horrible conditions for both drivers and pedestrians. Hopefully the weather will pick up soon and spring will come and cheer us all up.

Still after watching 2012, I suppose I should be grateful not to have had volcanoes or earthquakes to match the disaster that happened in the movie. While the special effects were very good, I did think that most of the major disaster movies had a nod in their direction, notably, Titanic, The Poseidon Adventure etc.. and yes it was good fun to watch but it was a little improbable that John Cusack's character could escape unscathed from every single problem that affected their journey from California to the end location but he did and they survived to tell the tale. It does seem to me that the big movie producers are spending more on special effects than on setting it in real locations and I think it shows; Movies are starting to look like computer games with people, perhaps thats the way that it will go, but I will regret the loss of the old style films, which stand the test of time.


Fire Byrd said...

Wonderously(is there such a word?) we have NO SNOW in Staffordshire hurrah!
The weather has stopped me driving down to Devon but did allow me a five mile walk, so swings and roundabouts as ever!

Von said...

So agree with your comment on movies...try and catch "The Boys Are Back" for a real old fashion proper movie from my part of the world.

Peruby said...

I'm with you on the movies, also. Too much technology may not be a good thing. Something is lost in the end result.

Kath said...

We had delightful big flakes of snow here in Bucks, but they only settled on the fields on high ground.
I don't like the new "Avatar" style movies either. One of my favourites last year was "Australia", as much for the stunning scenery as anything else.

Relax Max said...

Lots of snow where I am. I agree 100% about your movie comment. I prefer a good story line to razzle-dazzle computer fakery. A little is fine, but not entire movies. Stay dry. Stay inside.