18 January 2010

Small things

Isn't it funny how small things remind you of someone or something?

I was watching Saturday kitchen, when Rick Stein was talking to the owners/producers of Noilly Prat and was keen on learning how to pronounce it. Instantly I was transported back to one of many memorable conversations with the Late Elaine of Old Age is a Bitch and her love of Noilly Prat while I hadn't even a clue on what it was (other than alcoholic). I could have sworn I heard a chuckle from her as Rick tasted the drink and still managed to make a mess of prounouncing the name.

I like it that I have good memories that come from seeing things, no wonder some agencies are using memory boxes to stimulate the memories of the older generations, from pictures of wartime memorabilia to photographs.. it's good to be reminded that the memories can be stimulated and provide thoughts of people that mean something to us all.

Yesterday was a catch up day, as Saturday with the cough being no better, I ended up back a the doctors for a dose of antiobiotics, thankfully though the steroids seem to have worked and my O2 levels are back up in the high nineties rather than in the low nineties. Still have the cough but that may take a little longer to go as it is an irritation that needs to clear up but even after a couple of doses of Amoxicillin it is less violent than it has been.

I will promise to upload some pictures of the recent snow and ice, not to mention the last few milder days with even... blue skies and sunshine.. (just need access to a reliable internet service in the evenings) however, the job is good, going well and life is good; the only thing that would now make my life even sweeter is finalising the house sale up country.

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Hogday said...

Doo they `av Broadband or Rubberband down there amongst the Piskies?