10 January 2010

Good things

10 days into 2010 and after it being mainly cold and icy with everyone panic buying all the supplies off the supermarket shelves, the goverment rationing the gritting supplies and putting them to areas of the country where needed most.

It was heartening to hear the tale of the villagers in Trebullet, near Launceston which had been cut off for a few days from the outside world. Collectively they organised themselves into clearing the path into the village from snow and ice. Isn't it nice that they can work together to achieve a common aim, and benefit the whole community and isn't it sad that when the world (and Cornwall) is relieved from the snow and ice that we will go back to how things were and the community spirit will mostly be lost.

Life could and would be made so much better if we could forget the me, me, me in all of us and consider how our actions affect the communities around us. I for one like the good things and will reflect on their loss in the days to come.


Rach said...

It's very sad, Sage, it was the same here the other night when all the traffic got stuck and the town was gridlocked for 3 hours. The problem we have is there is one route and one route only in and when it blocks it cause chaos, but the tales coming out of it are heartwarming to say the least and yes come the middle of next week everyone will go back to being me me me....xx

Kippers Dickie said...

What is also very sad was that I read today that :- "Business's and house owners are being warned that they should not clear snow and ice from the pavements and roads outside their properties. If you do, and someone slips, they can sue you for damages. If you do nothing they can't"
Sad old world isn't it?

Kath said...

We Brits do seem to come together in a crisis, but seldom speak to one another when all is going smoothly!

Fire Byrd said...

There was a survey recently about friendlieness and the most friendly place was Stoke on Trent... given I live 12 miles from there the friendlieness doesn't seem to travel well judging how well my neighbours all ignore each other.

Janet said...

Perhaps the whole experience of working together will stay with them at least for awhile. And if not, maybe SOMEONE will remember long enough to remind people if things get bad again.

Hogday said...

Glad to hear you're mucking in down there in pastures-new, Sage. As for the old Dunkirk Spirit, I've often pondered this and just wonder if the sudden helpfulness comes from a little of the, "blimey, I could find myself up sh1t creek in a minute and might need these people so I'd better be nice" And then once folks are back in their bubble feeling secure again, they can gaze back at the world with the usual "f'k you". I guess I'm just a cynic with an optimistic streak in me:)