07 January 2010


Tried to get out to work this morning, with no success, the road was clear until I scraped the ice off the car and then the snow came down with a vengeance. In minutes the road was covered and slippery and discretion being the better part of valour I decided to take a second day off of work.

I struggled to get through on the telephone to let them know I wasn't able to get in, eventually I managed to get through to leave a message on their voicemail but I am not certain on whose phone I was leaving the message. Later on, their website stated that the conditions were so bad in Truro and the surrounding areas that they were closing for the day so now we wait for tomorrow to see what is going to happen.

While the snow is pretty, this country isn't set up to manage the process of dealing with snow. There is a lack of grit, many counties having run low and one area is using beach sand to try and extend the remaining stocks but shops will be running out of supplies and essential foodstuffs as few deliveries will be possible.

Hope everyone stays safe and warm

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Relax Max said...

Dealing with cold and snow most of the winter here, I was at first inwardly chortling at your storms lately, but I know it is no fun for you, especially with sometimes inadequate removal equipment. Hang in there. I know you will.