06 January 2010

Hmmm more slippy and sliding

Snow overnight, has frozen and the road out of here is like an ice-sheet. A 4x4 and a car were going down the hill and only the 4x4 was going in a forward direction; not good. I have had to phone in work and say I will try and be in later but it doesn't look very promising.

The road is on a hill and if, very much if, you can reach the top you get to another road that will take you into towards the town of redruth; however many cars are parked at a point up the hill not making the top but not able to go back down either. Still we are so much better off than the people up country who have got it so much worse.

Makes you wonder why snow paralyses this country, when the US and Canada has so much more snow than us and they don't it grind their country to a halt?

Still at least we are warm, dry and safe with a roof over our head; much better than being stranded in the car or at work.


Kath said...

My son struggled in to work this morning, which took an hour, only to be turned around and sent home! Why didn't they phone him to save him 2 dangerous journeys grrr! Stay indoors, don't risk breaking down and having to abandon your car. I agree, it drives me mad that the country comes to a halt when it snows. The local secondary school is closed and the kids are due to start sitting their GCSEs next Monday, I wonder what will happen there?

imbeingheldhostage said...

They were saying on the radio this morning that "Great Britain LOVES snow-- it gives them us an opportunity to have a good whinge". ;-)
I love it, but my husband has to keep driving to work in it--30 miles on icy, snow-packed roads (which are icy and snow-packed because there's not enough grit for everyone) makes it less fun.
Stay warm, I hope you're stocked up on the necessities (chocolate, good reading material etc...).

Kathy G said...

Your weather must be bad; I heard about it on our local NPR (public radio) station this morning!