04 January 2010

Fitting In

Its been fun, being the new girl but with some experience means fitting in is easier than if I had no experience of working with IT systems and means I can get on with the work without having to be micromanaged.

It is a lovely office to work in, and surprisingly warm given the colder temperatures it has been today, we even had to open the door as it was too hot. My working space is small, but perfectly formed, and the free tea and coffee is sheer indulgence; I haven't worked anywhere that you have free drinks and even a staff room where you can take lunch.

I enjoyed a stroll at lunchtime, to explore Truro a bit more, and was glad of the warm jacket I had taken as Jack Frost didn't really let up all day :-) then a quick cup of hot chocolate, a few pages of my book and then back to the Office.

Once I settle down into a routine, of understanding the work, I have been challenged with automating as much as possible so that less data has to be entered by hand as that is where errors creep in.. I like a challenge.

One other challenge is the drive in the morning, it isn't far from the caravan, but the frost last night managed to ice the car doors shut and this morning was a performance in trying to get into it to start it while I defrosted the ice off of the windows.

Luckily tonight, it was cold but not quite frosty and the drive home was fairly fast, taking a little over 20 mins but I am sure I will soon be getting Max out for the ride to work, and enjoying the experience; far better than the original mile and a half I used to ride when taking him to work.


A. said...

That sounds very promising. I never expect to like a new place for several days.

Kath said...

Sounds like you are settling in very quickly, good for you. I' sure you'll soon be on top of it all.