19 December 2011

Testing.. Testing...

Early this morning, Santa Clause formed up on Hanukkah Harry and his crew over B...affin island.
The operational altitude and cruise speed test flight was a complete success.
Elf maintainers feel confident that the sled will be within full operational parameters for next weeks round the world flight.
Minor on board Oxygen generation system issues continue to occur on the new sled, but it is expected that this issue will be resolved in time for the Christmas deployment.

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Bernard said...

Hi Sage,
I had this joke lined up for Christmas but 'chickened out' at the last minute. :(

"Tampax have announced today that they will be replacing the cord on their tampons with a piece of tinsel.
This will be for the Christmas period only.."

I thought it might upset a few of my followers.
I know you don't mind jokes like this. :)