29 December 2011

Random Thoughts

Thinking back over 2011, which is always fascinating.. and flew by so quickly that it has gone before I have realised it is almost 2012.

We started off 2011 with some extremely cold weather, and some 6 inches of snow which although was pretty was not ideal driving conditions. February was cold, dark and very wet while March wasn't much better.. Jasper joined us at the end of March and has settled down lovely; April was lovely weather, mild and unseasonable with the delights of the royal wedding on the 29th - can't believe that was 8 months ago. May was wayward with the weather, some days hot and sunny others cold and windy... while June was better at the beginning than the end.. something to do with the school holidays. July was wet, wet, wet and August was redeemed at the end with a batch of lovely hot weather just after schools went back. September was warm, dry and lovely, with October proving to be a gloriously autumnal dry and warm month with November carrying on the theme only having windy and stormy times towards the beginning of december... so my year has been on the whole mild and enjoyable so what 2012 will bring I am not sure.

According to the papers, this is the last year as it when the mayan calendar ends on 21/12/2012... now my thoughts are that it could just be because they thought that would be far enough to calculate but who knows... apparently many people are arranging parties for the date to enjoy a last fling before the following day arrives :-)

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