04 December 2011

Follow on from Friday

1. The rich have legislated themselves into prosperity.

2. Corporate bosses and executives pay themselves more and more despite doing little or no extra work, whilst the pay of everyone below them falls far behind in spite of working longer hours.

3. Large corporations and bankers have become immensely rich from government subsidies, favourable contracts, privatisations and outright fraud, all of which have to be paid from public money, whilst the public services that the rest of us have to use are getting worse.

4. You can keep yourself wealthy by not sharing it.

5. When bankers, hedge fund managers and financiers get the idea that they can gamble with other peoples' money, and not have to pay the for consequences of their actions when it all goes wrong whilst ordinary people feel that their taxes are being used to 'take care of them' then that is the beginning of the end of western civilisation....

..... but the politicians have already taken this on board, as they and the wealthy are in league to maintain the status quo.

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dickiebo said...

Absolutely correct!