28 December 2011

Traditional - Goosed for Christmas

Last night we finished the christmas goose, it was lovely but we probably won't be having it again in the near future. The last goose I had was when mum was still alive, and she and dad arranged to have a goose from a close friend. What mum didn't know was that this particular goose had been hatched at the back of beyond along with some fellow siblings but when they grew bigger, they along with momma and poppa goose went to live with the friend who had a farm and therefore plenty of space.

If you have never had goose, they are full of dark and succulent meat, just think a bigger version of a duck.. almost so big that some manipulation had been necessary to even get the damn thing in the oven and I was stupid enough to get up at 5.30am to turn the oven on and force it into the confined space.. The pond boys thought this was a treat for them and were sadly mistaken - although they have had more than their fair share of the meat skin.

Served with goose fat roasted potatoes, the infamously bad tasting brussel sprouts (not for me thanks) and carrots/peas with some lovely gravy to die for it was a glorious finish for this bird.

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