13 December 2011

Robinson Crusoe and the Cornish Pirates arrrgh!!!

SOH and I went to the panto last night, the rain poured down, we were both soaked by the time we reached Hall for Cornwall and we only had to walk from Haven House!

We had seats in the balcony, and when the show started we had a great view of the action. Singing, Dancing, Ditties and the traditional sing-along of the audience were all in the package. Some great witty lines, particularly with the female lead who was called Polly (ester, cotton, styrene etc).

My sides ached with laughter, the time went amazingly fast and I only wish I had pictures to show you but photography was not permitted.

My first pantomime, but I am alreadying planning to get tickets for next year which will be Al adin or Aladdin to you all.

I feel very uplifted and christmassy now

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Eliza said...

Glad you had a great time. I missed our local Panto this year, I was working :-(