01 December 2011

Love on the Transplant List

I watched this programme on BBC3 the other night, moving, it had me in tears hoping and praying that Kirstie would get her transplant.

Suffering from Cystic Fibrosis and aged only 21, she had only 16% lung function and the consultant in charge of her case said that they referred people to the transplant team at 33% so she was well below that. To her sitting in a chair was like us running up stairs, for Kirstie walking along a corridor is like us running a sprint... you could see her struggle for breath and it was hard to watch.

Having said that, it was a very much upbeat programme, and Kirstie was always upbeat, never down, never doubted that she would get her new lungs, and even had her wedding while seriously ill but battling to make it down the aisle. The doctors wanted her to get married in hospital, but Kirstie wasn't going to settle for second best and it brought a tear to my eye to watch her walk down the aisle with her family to marry the man she loved.

The end of the programme was just sheer joy, after two disappointments, she received a new set of lungs and the improvement immediatly was obvious. Yes, it was sad for the donor and their family, but the gift of the lungs gave Kirstie back her life and she will make every moment count I am sure of it..

I have made my views clear to my family, after I die, anything that can be used to help someone else should and could be used... my personality, my soul will no longer require my earthly body and if like Kirstie someone can benefit then I hope they will with my blessing.