22 December 2011

A Kind Gesture

We are in contact with Jasper's former owner, and it is clear that she misses him badly - I would too if I had to give either of them up for any reason. She kindly sent a picture of him aged 8 weeks... be prepared to go awwwww lol

We don't have any baby pictures of Murphy, though we do know who his Dad is (and he is a Camborne Boy) so this is a picture of one of his other puppies.. and looks similar to how we think Murphy would have been at the same age.

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Kath said...

How adorable! We don't have any photos of our 2 as they were 3 years and 18 months when we adopted them, although I have seen similar pups in the 'net. How lovely to have contact with Jaspers previous owners, they must be very happy to see how well cared for he is.