29 August 2011

Writing Lesson Plans

My bank holiday weekend has been spend writing lesson plans for the forthcoming year, perhaps I spend too much time on them but this is an evil necessity for my PGCE where I need to submit 10 hours per module with at least one observation on it.

My role is changing, from being a workplace tutor, travelling to see individual students we are modifying it to a combination, of taught sessions some 6 hours long (ie. all day sessions) and others for up to 2 hours so I will have no problem collecting the hours required.

However, I am also expected to reflect on my sessions, what worked well, what needs modifying and add some creativity to my teaching.. Hmm that last one is tricky, but I am working on it.

This morning though, a break in proceedings, the sun was shining and the Pond Boys begged me for a long walk so we trekked up Carn Marth and saw the three quarries, the original small Pond Boy quarry, the larger lake quarry and the last one was the theatre quarry... as I type the Pond Boys are sleeping off their exertions while I go back to the lesson plans..

Whatever your bank holiday brings, may you be blessed with blue skies and sunshine.

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