30 August 2011

Designer Mutts! Watch out it's a Monday Rant on a Tuesday!

@dickiebo.. thanks for that, can't believe it is Tuesday yet lol

I can't quite believe the number of adverts in the local papers (rags) with pedigree pooches... sorry designer mutts !

After all what home wouldn't be without a patterjack puppy, or perhaps a sprocker, cockerpoo, pugalier, jackapug and all at such bargain prices starting from £300 and rising upwards for such innovative breeding.

Now most puppies are little eye-catchers when tiny and helpless, but they grow up, need walks, feeding, playing and eventually mature into a healthy full grown (butt ugly) dog.. I have seen a sprocker which looks like a dwarf springer, just the legs were short and bandy.. but this was designed by their (irresponsible) breeders to appeal to the must have buyers.. do they actually care about what happens to their dogs in later life?

Years ago, we bred a jack russell bitch (before they ruined them by giving them kennel club status), good working stock to another working dog and in due course she had three boy puppies, quickly nicknamed - fish, chips and kipper. Well we originally wanted a bitch to carry on the line but were disappointed.

Still Fish was duly picked up by the sire's family as they wanted to have a dog to carry on his father's tasks and he was such a similar shape/size and markings as to be a double. Chips was purchased by a friend, as a working terrier and his life was enjoyed by him and his owner on a farm near where we lived. Kipper became mine, endearing little rough coated boy whose brains were definitely in short supply, and his breeding capacity was marred by having the kit but not the instruction set. He lived until he was 15 and died because he had prostate problems, but he had a long and happy life rabbiting and ferreting.

It was our only foray into breeding and in our concerns for getting homes for the offspring we didn't consider the profits involved in the process. I wish today's so called designer breeders would take a look at the number of dogs waiting for homes in rescue organisations and reconsider their money making scheme.


dickiebo said...

helloooo! Bank Holiday week? Tuesday today? lol.

illuminary said...

I have a pure bred Skip, he weighs in at 32 # and every breeder that see's him asks if I breed. They get quiet miffed when I tell them he is fixed. He was a rescue from a puppy mill, and like you said, there are enough pups out there looking for a home, why go out and mutate some poor dog for money??
people are crazy...

Caroline said...

Great post, this is one of my biggest peaves. I get so frustrated when people are breeding pedigrees, they have no idea of the effects on the dogs in either this generation or the next. Smaller skulls causing brain damage, hip issues, so on and so on.
There's so many great animals needing homes, I wish people would just think differently.

Eliza said...

Quite agree, there are so many dogs in rescue centres waiting for home, many because people breed irresponsibly. I went to the local rescue place on Friday as they'd run out of dog food, and were inundated with puppies!