26 August 2011


It's Friday, I have been rained on over the last three days incessantly... while walking the dogs.. needless to say they don't care but when you only have a finite amount of time available in the morning and that when two black labs get very wet they take a bit of drying and therefore some things I do in the morning, like breakfast, has to be sacrificed.

It has been not much better when I have got home, they look expectantly at me in the hope that another walk is in the offing, sometimes I take them just across the road and play ball with them until they start to puff... it is very hard to wear Jasper out he is very athletic, but poor Murphy starts to get tired quite quickly as he is more stocky - please note I don't mean fat - they are just different builds.

Still a long weekend lies ahead of me, and next week is going to be a lovely week with some much needed holiday although not as much as I would have hoped.


Jennyta said...

Ah, you should be up here in north Wales - all dry and even sunny here. ;)

Murphyfish said...

It's great here in N, Wales isn't it Jennyta, although me water butts are a tad low now. Send some of the rain here Sage - but just at night ;o)

Caroline said...

I too am really looking forward the long weekend. It will be nice to get away from work for a few days.
Hope the sunshine finds its way to you soon.