22 August 2011


We went to the Stithians Steam Rally yesterday, blessed with blue skies, sunshine and any amount of steam engines, lorries, cars you could think of. My personal favourites were the minatures, the love and attention these were getting from their owners had to be seen to be believed and one even had a minature organ attached to it. As soon as I download the pictures from the camera I will put them up.

We decided to leave the pond boys at home, but there were plenty of other dogs there and I think they would have enjoyed it so next year they are going to go to.

I don't think we saw half of what was actually there, and some of the displays we missed because we were watching the parade of tractors.. yep you heard correctly tractors such as john deere, massey ferguson and some much older ones than yours truly. We originally went to the ring to watch the vintage motorcycles, but they were running behind schedule.

My back was well and truly aching by the time we left to go home after 6 hours walking around the show ground and that was on top of me having taken the dogs for a run in the morning so I didn't fancy doing much last night.

Next weekend sees the start of SOH and the football refereeing season.. deep joy. Still I checked our fantasy football teams after the first week and he was 11 points ahead of me... this week tells a different story

Sage : 51 points, position 114248
SOH  : 50 points, position 115480

I don't think we will be challenging for the top prize, but we have a £5 stake on which team comes top..

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