23 August 2011

Introducing you to :

Pete's Blog

A man after my own heart,  living off the land, living frugally and living life kindly... all things I aspire to in my own way.

Our allotment dream is still there, it's getting hold of one without having to drive miles to get to it which in winter would be impossible to get to every day. However, we  are able to enjoy the fruits of our labours in terms of runner beans, and enjoy the sweet scent of Sweet Peas.

I use freecycle locally, both to give and to receive. I hadn't heard of freeconomy before but will be sure to check it out along with the book/cd/dvd swap... after all when you have heard/seen/read it before will you really watch/listen/read it again ... please note that books once adopted by me very rarely leave the premises.. after all a book is for life, not just for that Summer read ;-).

Pop over and visit Pete sometime.

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