09 July 2011

Saturday Satire : Raisin Bread

In order to promote sales, the bakery owner hires a pretty young girl to (wo) man the counter . Now this girl has a fine pair of legs and is prone to wearing very short skirts and thong panties.

A young man enters the bakery and delightfully eyes what his eyes can see. Wanting to get a clearer picture , he quickly seizes the opportunity. " I want a raisin bread please"

The raisin bread is kept on the top shelf and the lady climbs the ladder to fulfil the customers demand. The young man's eyes get an eyeful.

" A friend is coming for tea, can I have one more please?"
Customer satisfaction multiplies one more time.

The other male customers are no laggards and suddenly raisin bread in in full demand.

The leggy one is getting tired and irritated at going up and down the ladder so many times . On her tenth trip, she looks down from the top of the ladder and looks down at an old gaffer who is also enjoying the spectacle .

Wanting to save herself another trip , she barks at the old man, " Is it raisin for you too ?"

" Nunno , but its quiverin , its quiverin .......

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