22 July 2011

One of my days and delights

I have pleasure each day in my work, as my work takes me to different places. Yesterday was one such day.

I spent a couple of hours in Truro, the sun shone as I wrote up a couple of portfolios while sipping a hot chocolate.

Later that morning I had to drive to Mylor Bridge, a road which is bendy and twisty, but also sunny and shady in parts.. but the best part of going there is that there is a roadside stall with an honesty box and since March I have been visiting there and collecting some flowers. First there was daffodils, and later I have had cornflowers and carnations.. there were some sweet peas yesterday but my heart was one by the very dark purple carnations and some white ones for contrast.

I also paid up for some runner beans (mine aren't quite ready yet), some home grown potatoes and I was tempted by a lettuce. Sadly my way won't be wandering down that way again so I will be looking for a new roadside stall.

My last appointment was to Falmouth, it coincides with the end of school so not one of my favourites but on route I took a different path and followed a road (well more of a track really with tall grass up the middle) back to Tre Agan and arrived home some 9 hours after leaving it. A welcome drink and even warmer welcome from the two black boys made my day all the more special especially when my tea was cooked for me which was a rare but much appreciated by me and allowed me to have a refreshing shower before relaxing at the end of my day.

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