01 July 2011

A holiday on a holiday

It might be 1st July, it might be a friday, but sadly it is the last day of my holiday and to celebrate? commiserate we took the bikes out for a spin up the coast road along from St Agnes to just south of Padstow and stopped for lunch at Berryfields Cafe.

The weather has been lovely and sunny, the roads relatively quiet... just a few muppets out there today.. the scenery was absolutely gorgeous and it is a shame I can't capture on camera what I can see when I ride (well I could if I only had the equipment).. but just think golden sands, sunshine and blue skies and sea that looks cool and relaxing..

A number of of other bikers were out today, and it was refreshing to see how many of them were dressed appropriately for the road.. not that t-shirt and shorts are inappropriate as long as you are not riding a motorbike! It is hot when you are wearing protective clothing, and yes it does feel like you are riding a sauna at slow speed, but at a higher speed it is refreshingly cool if sometimes as cold as an artic blast.

I was riding with a bad knee today, having suffered a tumble the other morning when hit sideways by two black labradors having a tumble in a field.. I ask you a big field and they have to launch themselves into me! I hit the deck hard, and my knee was already feeling a little fragile.. I don't know whether it was the knock or perhaps a touch of old age setting in.. I hope not but you never know.


dickiebo said...

Just a friendly word in your ear'ole! I think they were 'coloured' dawgs! lol.

Sage said...

@dickiebo - ROFLMAO ... sorry not being PC at the moment.. black they are and black they will remain... b****r the bureaucrats they will just have to sue me for having racially discriminative animals lol xx

dickiebo said...

And so say all of us! Well! MOST of us!