25 July 2011

Sunday Sunshine - where was it?

The sun didn't shine for Sage on Sunday.

We awoke to grey skies, with a hint of blue.. but as we walked up Carn Marth with the Pond Boys, you could see the mist coming in to cover Carn Brae and it was heading in our direction. It was the first time that the OH had come with us to the Pond, and it was fun showing him our preferred route not to mention the excitement the Pond Boys showed when they caught sight of the water.

I did take the camera, but was too busy throwing balls for the Pond Boys + Roxy a Mix of black lab and weimeraner into the pond. When Murphy got tired, having sunk lower in the water, we headed back to the small quarry and the bog snorkelling part of the expedition. You can let the Pond Boys off to explore the lower part, while we enjoyed a cup of coffee and hot chocolate in the upper part. By now the mist had surrounded us, and although we were out of the breeze it was not warm. Jasper has some legs on him, and while they played chase, it was more of Murphy lying in wait for Jasper to show himself.

15 mins of this and the boys were bushed, so we headed home and past the horse event at the top of Carn Marth. Apparently there is a third quarry, known as the amphitheatre and I hope to visit it with the Pond Boys soon as they have regular events up there with plays and such like. Can but hope for warm weather and this time will have camera in hand.

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