15 July 2011

Catching Up

Busy week this week, catching up with myself... work is busy, and I am trying not to spend time in the evenings on the computer instead doing something more useful. Sadly I wasn't the winner of the Euromillions jackpot.. so must still earn a living.

Monday, work and a coaching session on numeracy for a student for 2 hours... I can't remember how it was at school but it certainly didn't seem to me like 2 hours.

Tuesday, Team building day - we went to St Ives, originally billed as a trip to the Tate until I said I would find something else to do...we ended up in smaller groups and a couple of friends and I had a trip out on a boat (small boat) to see the seals.. lovely day and although it was a bit rough in places the water was as clear as anything and we did get to see a seal close up. After that it was lunchtime and we had a voucher for a pasty, I spent the money on a bacon, leek and cheese pasty with a couple of scones for later.

Later I regretted my choice of pasty, as it was full of leeks and not much bacon and didn't sit down well in my stomach so we decided to call an early halt to the day and skip the cream tea event in favour of an early train back home. Because of all the different events, and the spread of those across the day, it wasn't so much a chance of team building as much as individual pleasure.. but a nice place to visit as a tourist.

Wednesday was admin catch up day, and then in the evening we had the motorbikes out and travelled up to St Merryn for fish and chips, we were mostly ignored by the other bmw club members who arrived from further up country and I wasn't impressed by their attitude on the evening. Only one member said hello, and that was because he recognised SOH from previous years. I don't think I have ever ignored another biker, when seeing them out, a nod, a wave and a cheery word says more than sticking in your cliques... so South West Section watch out!

Thursday, beautiful lovely sunshine, and I was down at Penwith delivering a key skills session only some of the students  were told one room, while I was in another with some more students... not good, but problems are usually fixed with solutions and so we will look at how best to address it.

The pathway to the estate has now been opened up, making the trip into town much shorter and we plan to try that out tonight wth a visit to the collins arms...

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Rosalind Adam said...

It sounds like you've had a funny old week. Sorry to hear about the pastie tummy but biking off for fish and chips sounds good even if the others did ignore you.

Your neck of the woods sounds amazing.