18 July 2011

The Weekend that Was a big Washout

Torrential downpours, winds, gales, and cold winds.. are we in July or November?

Saturday was a day of two halves, the morning with lashings of rain and high winds... with the dogs walked early enough a cooked brunch was in order and although their was no bacon the silicon egg shaped device worked perfectly producing heart shaped eggs which although took longer to cook were pretty on the plate.

An early afternoon film, saw me do the ironing as I had a whole pile meanwhile the sun decided to show its presence and when it did come out it was warm.. with the final lot of washing out on the line taking its chances while I popped out to Tesco to stock up the cupboards and to get a pizza for tea. I enjoy a pizza but have sometimes found them to be a bit stodgy but thanks to Goodfella's thin bread type pizza it was a real treat to enjoy.

Sunday morning with grey skies and rain overnight it was the perfect (not) day to enjoy watching a charity football tournament which the OH was refereeing.. Afterwards I wished I had just stayed home in the warm and the dry, but didn't want to leave him with no food...I even did some work that was just how bored I was with the whole thing. It was a relief to go home at 5.30 and relax in the warm. I had organised a quiche for tea thinking it was going to be warm... we still had it but not with salad and garlic bread but with potatoes and beans instead along with some baked corn.

Last game now until the new season starts, o lucky me!

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dickiebo said...

I think there's a typo on your last line. Should read 'o unlucky me!'