16 April 2008

You know when ...

you are suffering from wheezing and tightness in the chest that something has got to give, in my case ::cough:: breathing... unless I take the inhaler which makes me feel that much worse and then strangely better for a short period.

I hate hayfever season and the fact that at the back of beyond has the highest level of lung troubles anywhere in the UK.

Off to go and top up my meds, see you all soon.

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Annette said...

Yes, there are so many people who suffer with hay fever isn't there?
It must be awful.
There are 4 of us, (2 sisters and a brother) and the only one who suffers with that is my brother. He had a test when he was younger and he is actually allergic to grass.
He suffers every year.
Now, I'm naughty because I smoke so my breathlessness is because of that!!Especially when going up the stairs!!