25 April 2008



...by Rachel , six random things about me and then tag six other bloggers.

Oh, boy... my first tag... I feel privileged

1. I am ambidextrous... but prefer to use my right hand for throwing balls and my left hand for catching them
2. I like sucking lemons - the sharper the better
3. My last injury was from frozen turkey falling 2 feet onto my head... just bruised pride otherwise that could have been confusing
4. I can't run and breathe at the same time... and it gets silly falling over when pretending to jog
5. I worked on a pig farm as my second job, now I work in IT
6. I wake up next to the man I love each morning :-)

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Annette said...

Thanks sage. Will do.

Noddy said...

Hi, the old man was stationed at RAAF Butterworth 1970-1974. We stayed on Penang island before it became commercialised. Two tours in Germany at Ramstein (USAF base) and at RAF Laarbruch.