11 April 2008

Looking forward to....

The weekend, despite it being full of house/garden chores it will be the first time in a long time that we will have spent a weekend without something to do /attend/ present or prepare anything and we are going to make the most of it; despite the weather forecast, which isn't set to be great we can still get out into the garden and do some tidying up and getting ready for Summer.

So I prescribe a lie in tomorrow morning, with coffee in bed while we look out at the rain pouring down outside and tackle the indoor jobs, tidying up and putting things away in their place. I have years of collected 'things' which need to be looked at and a decision made to keep or dispose... thank goodness for freecyle as many things find a home with someone else rather than going to landfill.

Might even get over to the garden centre and buy some seeds/young plants as we both want to try growing beans, tomatoes, chillis, carrots and garlic... just need to prepare the ground first in the polytunnel.

Sunday, is set to be fairer and we hope to get the bikes out for a spin, though it depends on how we both feel as well as how much we have got done in the house..

With any luck we might even go out for lunch down to the local pub, which would be a nice way of completing our first weekend; may there be many more of them.

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