21 April 2008

As I write

the sun has broken through the dull grey skies of the weather that has dominated us over the last few weeks, and it is warm :-)

Finally winter has released her grip on the earth and we are now moving towards a spring... certainly the days are longer, the blackbirds started singing at 5am this morning and it wasn't really dark until 8pm last night so optimism beats in my chest that I can do something more productive with my evenings than sitting esconced on the sofa watching the the dross on tv.

I have got seeds ready to bring on in the polytunnel and I need to plant some seeds for chilli's, peppers and lettuce leaves not to mention flowers which will go into the various spaces in my garden and I hope to reap the benefits of them later this year.

I also cheated and brought plantlets (bigger than seedlings, smaller than plants) to grow on, so my onions, tomatoes and yellow pepper not to mention garlic are ready to get bigger and produce crops during the summer.

My dad would be laughing at my antics, he was the gardener not me, but I think he might be pleased that I am at least trying.

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the little medic said...

It was sunny today and for the first time it felt warm. Amazing.

Thanks for the good luck message.