24 April 2008

After a long day at work

what do you like to do?

I got home yesterday after a two days in a bat cave and spent a happy couple of hours in the greenhouse planting some seeds for 2 types of chilli, sunflowers, marigolds, nicotiana's and pansies for the garden, and then went down to the polytunnel at the bottom of the garden (it is a relatively long garden 100ftx40ft). There I planted in the freshly composted, watered beds some garlic and some onions and will be putting carrots in between the onions as rumour has it the onions will defend the carrots against the villainous carrot fly.

I had this picture when I read that last sentence of St George (the onion) defending the damsel (the carrots) against the Dragon (carrot fly); well it was St George's day yesterday and all manner of celebrations took place locally.

I can only get my fix of gardening in Spring/Summer/Autumn as little or nothing grows in the Winter and I have to do the more mundane tidying up/fixing jobs that don't give me half the achievement that growing my own veggies will.

So, after a hard day at work, what do you like doing? please tell.


Elaine said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog - on a day I was feeling somewhat fraught, it made me laugh out loud.

I have had a look at your blog and shall definitely be back.

Annette said...

Go to bed.
I often do this and sleep like a log for a couple of hours. Then I get up, shower, and feel refreshed.