20 March 2008

Important things I need to do

  1. To tell the people that are important to me, that I love them and respect their views
  2. To stop worrying about the small things in life
  3. To try and fix the big problems in my life (the one's that I can do something about anyway)
  4. To stop looking backwards into the past, it is done with... End of
  5. To be true to me, my beliefs
  6. To stop judging other people by my standards
  7. To not let other people make my decisions for me
  8. To not drift through life without purpose and meaning
  9. To read the books I have before I buy any more new ones
  10. To remember what I love about living in this country
I am sure there are more, what about you.. what is important to you?


bawpc said...

A very valid list that should ideally be our way of living!

Still alive, just passing by to say a quick hello!

bawpc said...

Are you still about? I bet you're working on that list of yours...

Elaine said...

I still can't manage number 9 in your list

Sage said...

Funny enough - neither can I... but it is an aim not a rule...:-)

I don't meet some of the other one's either but I live in hope that one day I will be perfect in every way.. go on take a poke now; I deserve it.