19 March 2008

It's a sure and certain thing...

Easter is coming, a bank holiday in the UK and while we have had beautiful weather of late, giving rise to the fact that Spring is about to burst forth, we are about to be inundated with a depression called Melli (heading in from East of Iceland) who is coming to give us a breath of Winter back again with some snow, sleet, hail and rain to name but a few of her joys and delights.

I am looking forward to the holiday, because I have been so busy of late but also it is the start of my holidays I am now not going to be working again until 7th April and I will be away for one of those weeks in the county of Cornwall; St Minver to be precise. I am hoping to visit the Eden Project something I attempted to do unsuccessfully 5 1/2 years ago with my father and I am going to be going for both of us as he sadly passed away before getting an opportunity to see it for himself.

Not so much of a pilgrimage as the sense of completion of something left unfinished..

Have a happy Easter, celebrate with friends and family but most of all enjoy.

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