04 March 2008

7 Random Things

I wrote this post on 5th January 2008 over at Tom Reynolds Random Acts of Reality.

1. Single, never been married, never likely to get married. just not my thing I guess
2. Fell down a tree onto a barbed wire fence, age 6 have the scars to prove it.
3. Lived in Malaya from age 7 to 11 and can remember the start of their then national anthem.
4. Lived in Germany from 11-15 years where i broke my wrist trying to jump an iron bar, on wet grass with plimsolls on... so not a good idea as it hurt a bit.
5. At age 22 I wanted to have a litter of puppies rather than a baby (haven't changed my mind)
6. Despite having left formal education at 16, I enjoy learning new skills and got my degree at age 42 with the OU. So perhaps the meaning of life isn't too far wrong :-)
7. Learnt to ride a motorbike and pass advanced test in 3 months... still my proudest moment.

Knew I should never have posted the #1 item... 'cos my world got flipped around within days of writing that set of random things but in such a good way.

To be continued


Girl*Next*Door said...

Hi Sage, thanks for comment :o)

Link now returned xx

bawpc said...

I've wanted to have a litter of puppies as opposed to babies since I was about 12!!!!!!!
And I'm single, never been married and don't want to either!

I dond't think there's anything wrong with that!

Like you already ;-)

bawpc said...

P**S: Fell over trying to jump over barbed wire fence x 3, aged 5, 6 and 10. Have 5 scars to prove it :-)!

P**SS: Never attempted to jump over barbed wire fences since then. Some sort of psychological trauma, I think!