03 March 2008


Why is it in England the weather dominates the conversation, from the gale force winds of last week to the snow of today it seems to overpower any other topic?

It's a safe bet that everyone of us has had that conversation about the 'Great Storm' {with a nod to the Vicar of Dibley writers here} I am referring to the Michael Fish never to be forgotten non-hurricane which decimated the trees in the South of England in October 1987; he will never fail to be reminded of that faux pas and yet forecasting was not as accurate then as today's technology.

And have you noticed it's all negative, spring is too early, the rain is too heavy or not enough of it, the seasons are all topsy turvy with the flowers blooming too early or the trees hanging on to their leaves too late? Must be global warming, must be a reason.... and so the conversation goes..

..but you rarely see a good news day for weather, yet it is there for all to see : the joys of the sun warm after a cold snap, the days are getting longer (and dare I say it warmer), the ground is starting to warm through and the plants are daring to start budding new growth the great wakening is starting anew. The sunrises are earlier, and prettier if you care to open the curtains to look and see, the birds are singing their hearts out for their partners and the earth is slowly waking up after her long winter hibernation.

Be glad today, that even in the last throws of winter, spring is making her presence felt and be happy today and tomorrow

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Annette said...

Oh yes, I have said before that spring is my favourite time of the year.
When the flowers start to raise their heads above the wintry falls,the nights are brighter, the days are warmer.
Their is colour everywhere.
Spring is the best time of the year.