10 March 2008

The Great Storm

The entire weekend news was dominated by the advent of 'The Great Storm' about to land upon our shores this morning in the wee small hours. At first it was amusing, because of the novelty of the reporting; you never really get this sort of reporting of the weather conditions except once in a blue moon.

Later it became annoying because it seemed to be generating fears about the strength of the winds and the possible damage.. it almost seemed appropriate to have a warning such as 'viewers of a delicate disposition should avoid listening to this broadcast in case adverse health effects are experienced'.

I wonder how many people, like me, worried needlessly about where they lived as we weren't hugely impacted by the storms unlike those in the South-West of the country where people have had to leave their homes and take shelter from the worst of the weather; to those people I can only offer my sympathies for their plight and hope that they are not going to be away from their homes and families for too long.

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