27 April 2011

W is for

The weather, dominating our thoughts and no.. not for the wedding

The hot sunny weather we have experienced, has been brilliantly gorgeous... long may it continue although the gardens need watering, the reservoir stocks are running low it was just weeks of lovely sunny weather that makes the world seem a little brighter and cheerier than normal.

So the cornish for weather is An gewer while the welsh equivalent is tywydd

Some more Cornish words for you relating to the weather are

Howl - Sun
Yrgh - Snow
An dhargan - The forecast
Gwynek - Windy
Glaw - Rain

An dhargan Y fydh Howl = The forecast will be Sun

1 comment:

Kath said...

We had rain overnight and when we woke up, it was quite dull. I felt quite dreary after being spoiled with that gorgeous sunshine!