26 April 2011

V is for

plen an varghas which is Cornish for Market Place, Lle'r Farchnad is the welsh equivalent.

Down here in Redruth, the plen an varghas  is at Pool, as Redruth doesn't really have one of its own, instead it does street markets on special occasions like Murdoch Day in September and of course getting close to Christmas attracts plenty of street traders. It does have an indoor market but it is on the small side.

Pool is not a huge market, comprises of an indoor market which has the usual tat you find, cheap bags, dvds, books, furniture etc. Outside is an open space that in summer can be crowded with traders or people having a clearout. Past purchases have included two black and gold goblets with ERII on the front, they cost a total of £5 for the pair and as black and gold are cornish colours it wasn't a hard decision. The other purchase was a saddleback pig which cost £3 but I have seen similar for sale for three or four times the price.

There are other market places, but these are the ones I frequent, and enjoy doing so.


Jennifer Shirk said...

I enjoy going to markets like that to shop in the US too--although there aren't that many around me.

Anonymous said...

Enjoying the alphabet immensely!
Thank you!

Duncan D. Horne said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've never thought of Cornwall as the edge of the world! haha!

Duncan In Kuantan