04 April 2011

C is for

Chi or Chy, is Cornish for House,

tŷ is the Welsh equivalent... not too distant I think... 

When we were choosing a name for the house down here at the Edge of the World, we considered Chi/y Agan as it is a frequent naming convention down here... What really swung it for us was that Tre is Home... whereas Chi/y is house... and we felt that our home was better than our house...

I was lucky enough to find a web site on line, that offers online information on cornish names/pronunciations and meanings... improved my knowledge of the language and culture immensely. 

A bonus today, meanings of cornish town names... 

Camborne = Curve of the hill
Camelford - Curved river + ford
Carbis Bay - Cart bridge + bay
Cardinham - Hill fort
Carnkie - Dog carn
Carrick Roads - Rock anchorage
Chacewater - Stream in the hunting grounds
Charlestown - Named after Charles Rashleigh
Cubert - St Kubert
Cury - Priest's name (Corentyn)

It makes me want to visit them.. well apart from Camborne which I go to fairly frequently.


Rosalind Adam said...

The house names beginning with Tre were commonplace where we stayed on the Lizard. I love those names and the way the emphasis is placed on the 2nd syllable (am I right with that?) to give it a Cornish lilt.

Carole Anne Carr said...

Redruth, Camborne, lucky you to have settled there!

e.a.s. demers said...

Love this!
Reading the meanings of all those place names makes me want to delve into what some of the names around here mean....though they probably would be as interesting :-)