22 April 2011

S is for

Today's word is to write or skrifa in Cornish, while the Welsh equivalent is sgrifennu

I enjoy writing, hence the blog, I also keep a paper journal which is completely private and allows me the freedom to say and write anything which I couldn't necessarily do on the blog. I rarely go anywhere without a notebook and pen, to make notes although these days it is less about writing stories, more about academic ideas for teaching or for lesson plans and assignments.

I used to write with a small group of people, from Canada, USA, Australia and the UK, sadly we disbanded as our original idea came from a tv series that ended and eventually we simply ran out of road as our ideas started to go in different directions. During our busiest period of posting it was no problem to write 3-4000 words for a story line that left a cliff hanger for the next writer to take on.

When I proposed that writers should be allowed to do a solo storyline, seeing it through from beginning to end. Others had tried but had given up half way; I was pleased to finish but I also knew that as we changed the format of the group, we also changed the dynamics and it was then that the dynamics of the group had changed as had our real lives and from that point onwards there was more solo writing rather than group writing.

I am still in contact with members of the group, and have such happy memories of our time together. I sometimes read the stories we came up with and am amazed at the detail that people came up with.

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Canyon Girl said...

You learn so much from bloggers and today I learned that skrifa in Cornish, very closely resembles skriva, which in Swedish means to write. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't read and write. It is such a shame that in a country like the US, there are many who can do neither.--Inger