19 April 2011

P is for

Cornish Phrases.. for when you come here on holidays... lol not just about pasties and cream teas
  • Hello                            Dydh da
  • Good                            Morning Myttin da
    Please                          Mar Plek
    Thank You                    Meur Ras
    Cheers!                        Sowyn!
    Can you speak Cornish? A wre'ta kewsel Kernewek?
    A little                          Nebes
    Where do you come from?A bleth os ta devedhys?
    I come from Wales         Devedhys ov a Kembra
    I live in Redruth            Trigys ov yn Resrudh
    Why?                            Prog?
    Yes, I do                       Gwrav
    Why Not?                      Prog na?
    Good Night                    Nos dha
    Goodbye                        Dyw genes
    See you!                        Dha weles!
    I am pleased to see you  Da yu genef dha weles
    How are you?                 Fatla genes?
    OK, and you?                  Da lowr, ha ty?
    In good health                Yn poynt da
    Very Good!                     Pur Dha!
    Okay                              Da lowr
    My name is Sage            Ow hanow yw Sage
    He is my friend               Ev yw ow howeth
    What is this?                  Pyth yw hemma?
    What is that?                 Pyth yw henna?
    Lovely pint this, mate!    Pinta hweg yw hemma, Pard!
So when you are down here next time, please feel free to use one of the above phrases to help you integrate into our little Cornish Community and feel at home. Life can be a little slower down here, because we do things dreckly... similar to manana in Spanish... it will happen when it happens so while you are waiting enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.


Hogdayafternoon said...

I'll do my best, Sage. It will make a change from the usual haemorrhoids* coming down and asking `Where's Denzil`

*`Haemorrhoids`: (Cornish Def aka `tourists`) I.e: They come down, hang about, turn red, then disappear back up again

Murphyfish said...

Dydh da Sage,

Sounds as if the lifestyle down there would suit this Hobbit really well at the moment, the slower pace would certainly help with the maelstrom in my head at the moment :o). Love your posts, so glad that you write/blog.

Meur Ras


Manzanita said...

I do understand your passion for Cornish, same passion as I have for Flamenco. It's so satisfying, isn't it? I hope your knee is better.