30 September 2008

17th September 2008

We had the luxury of a warm double bed, and a shower that provided a ample supply of hot water so we were well looked after by Zeltus and his wife.

More so when we went down for breakfast and had fresh croissants from the Boulangerie (just across the road) so hot that when Jan went for them they were almost too hot to carry comfortably.

The guests that had accompanied us had been told by SOH and myself that breakfast would be basic, but Jan did us proud with cereals, fresh pastries, piping hot coffee and tea and cold meats and a baguette to choose from on the kitchen table; sadly these two so called guests managed to put a sour note into the breakfast and Zeltus and Jan were left fuming at their unbelievable rudeness and bad manners.

We set off at 9.30am, only because we were prolonging breakfast as having eaten too much last night we were still stuffed and also we wanted to spend the time with family. Zeltus got his bike out and accompanied us as far as Limoges, he needed to buy dinner for that evening but also to replace the wedding anniversary champagne that we had drunk the night before, so that he and Jan could celebrate properly.

Going across country to the A20, Zeltus took us by the chateau where Richard the Lionheart died from his wounds he got at Chalus - another missed photo opportunity.

We took the A20 northwards to Orleans, the scenery changes quite quickly as you rode along, but the long open roads on the E9 road after Orleans let you see for miles ahead. Though overtaking in the side wind was not fun, and on the second occasion I got blown back out into the traffic by a gust of wind and after that I rode a little more cautiously.

Chartres was skirted, and I longed for a stop at the cathredral (another place I have promised myself a visit to so that I can take the pilgrims maze), but I had to satisfy myself with the view from the traffic lights.

The cathedral had some scaffolding up, which you can't see from this viewpoint.

Our stop was some 30 miles north of Chartres, at a place called Dreux (we still don't know whether the x is silent or not). We arrived early evening and noticed the restaurent was about 500 metres up the road, but not a great distance. However our companions at this point lost the plot completely and decided to leave us as he didn't want to walk that far; instead he drove another 40 miles to Everaux and book in to a different hotel. By this time we had enough of their behaviour over the past few days and were glad to be on our own.

We had an excellent meal at the Campanile, where Vanessa made us feel at home and when she established we were staying at the Premier Classe hotel just down the road she gave us a free drink and we got 10% off our bill.

Tomorrow, Boulogne and then home.

Daily mileage : 263
Mileage so far : 1632

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A. said...

You took the route that we always used to use, until the A28 joined up better, Dreux - Evreux. I think the x is silent. Do visit Chartres if you have even the faintest chance. It's beautiful, and as far as I am concerned, beats Notre Dame any day.