02 September 2008

The French Trip

On Sunday 7th September the great adventure begins - we are off to France on the motorbikes to the Cote d'Azur . SOH and I are travelling down with a couple of friends and we don't have to be at the park until 10th September giving us 3 full days to travel through France.

The plans are to go over the channel on Sunday afternoon and then ride to Amiens - about 80 miles, for our first overnight stop and a chance to take stock and adjust things on the bike if necessary.

Monday (8th) morning we head towards Chalon Sur Saone about 310 miles. We aren't planning on pushing it too hard as we want to enjoy what we are doing but we think that we should be able to do this in about 6 hours.

Tuesday (9th), we head down towards Salon de Provence and our overnigh stop, this is a shorter day at only 266 miles and we will enjoy a relaxing evening with good food and good company.

Wednesday (10th) we only have a 100 miles to our destination at the campsite. With luck the sun should be shining and we won't be too saddle sore. Unpack and relax is the order of the day.

We then stay there until the 16th when we head home - but SOH and I both wish to visit the Millau bridge and may leave on the 15th to head over to see the structure and take some photos. Then we will head up to Limoges to visit with Zeltus, however it will be brief as we have to be back at Bolougne to catch the ferry at 10.00am on Friday 19th September. Hopefully we can persuade Zeltus that he should get his motorbike out and join us for a ride before he heads back to home and we head Northwards.

All being well we should be home on 20th September, just in time to have a day off before we both go back into the melee of the workplaces.

What does this mean to the blog, well this will be our first official blogging break but fear not, where there is internet access there will be a post however brief it might be. Don't expect many photo's until I get back though.. unless I can find a willing person to assist.


The W.O.W. factor said...

OMG Sage! That is going to be a huge trip! A lot of miles! Sure hope your weather holds it's grandest side for you!
And I'm going to miss you posting! I'll keep watch tho, in case you get the urge to update :)
By the way...I got my Rhubarb/Blackberry Tea on Thursday, and oooo...so good! Thanks for the recommendation! Our Son even had a cup while here that evening...because he could smell it while it was steeping and the aroma is wonderful too!

Anonymous said...

You'll love the Millau Viaduct! It's an awe inspiring sight. I suppose you're aware of the information centre that's been developed underneath it where the old work site used to be. It's quite hard to get a decent shot of the bridge, or so we found, but of course the information centre sells all sorts of views at exorbitant prices.