26 September 2008


Well it has been a week since we got back from France... doesn't time fly?

Work has dominated my time, as the new academic year and students start next week and we have been busy trying to ready the new systems for them, which has left the blog story in the South of France, but more will turn up over the weekend as we cover more ground on the way home.

SOH has also been kept busy, he was working Tues, Wed, Thur but these are 12.5 hour days and bless him he starts at 4am so is whacked by the evening; just enough time to get a meal together, get his lunch together for the following day and then chill on the sofa before bed. He has today off and I twisted his arm to make a Cornish Curry as we will both enjoy a spicy meal after a couple of weeks of fairly standard cuisine.

Yesterday I had to visit the MOP (Mistress of Pain) as I had toothache; she took an x-ray and I have to go back on Monday for a root filling.. remind me I need to take my ipod to keep me calm but I am sure I will survive, she is actually a very good dentist.

I also have booked a holiday in Normandy for next year, to co-incide with the 65th anniversary of D-Day; we just need to book the ferry tickets and see whether to extend it to include visiting my brother again.

Tomorrow, in the lovely autumnal sunshine, we are off down to Watford to watch the rugby game between the Saracens and Northampton Saints... we think it should be a good match.

Till the next post

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The W.O.W. factor said...

Ohhhh..my biggest fear in all the world is dentist! since I was a child.
If they would hypnotize me? Perfect! Only had that happen once...he pulled all 4 wisdom teeth at the same time, but have never found another dentist who would do that! ;(
Normandy! Wow! you actually plan things that far in advance? Heck, I can't plan for tomorrow!!